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Purchasing Brexit Maps

We offer a range of options, suitable for display and professional use

“With regard to Brexit, selecting any one of the dozen UK regional maps will cleverly show the important policy areas and the specific key business sectors and their relevant issues and risks. My 'home zone' - the NW England map does an excellent job of showing the scale of complex interactions between the different sectors and the breadth of business interests in this region.”
Games company, Cumbria

map EE

East of England

map EM

East Midlands

map London


map NE

North East

map NI

Northern Ireland

map NW

North West

map Scotland


map SE

South East

map SW

South West

map Wales


map WM

West Midlands

map YH

Yorkshire & Humber

Sizes and Prices

Prices include UK postage, payment via PayPal

A3 set of 12 Brexit maps (£30)
A3 digital printing on heavy-weight silk 250 gsm paper

A1 and A2 (£48 and £36)
Our quality print-on-demand-posters are printed on archive quality 230gsm paper with manufacturer’s ink, giving vibrant colours, perfect for framing.
In practice, this means that you will be getting a slightly larger map than the metric equivalent.

We have developed the Brexit maps to be used in professional settings, and new products will be added in future. Feel free to email us your suggestions.

Buying A3, A1 or A2 maps

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1. Buy a set of twelve regional UK Brexit Maps, A3 digital prints (£30 including UK delivery)

2. Buy one Brexit Map A1 or A2 equivalent (£48 or £36 including UK delivery)
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