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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about the Brexit maps

The Brexit Maps are now on show at the Hillingdon Expo!

How can I get Brexit Maps?
We sell printed posters of the maps from our sales page.

How can I get Brexit Maps in a different size?
Please contact us for ordering different sizes.

Can I get a personalised Brexit Map for my business or a tailor-made map for my sector/country?
Yes, Brexit maps can be made to order. Email us with your requirements.

Can I get help with Brexit?
The maps are intended as a first step to get people thinking about their business and Brexit. EU consultant Sietske de Groot can take you through all the aspects of your business and discuss the risks and opportunities of the change from one legal order to another. Get in touch.

Where are Brexit Maps exhibited?
We use the maps up and down the country. Contact us if you would like to host an exhibition or require a speaker on Brexit.

Can I use the Brexit Maps?
The maps are published on this website, but in every case we retain all rights. These particularly apply for third-party reproduction on a commercial basis. Contact us for further information.

Can I feature the maps in an online article?
We would appreciate a reproduction permission request, which will normally be granted, but know that, for digital media, there is usually a need to move quickly. Provided that the designs are fully credited to TradePeers Ltd and Tube Map Central, and the link to the website is provided, then you can assume that a permission is granted de facto.

What are your next steps?
We will continue to exhibit the maps in the UK as a tool to discuss Brexit needs for SMEs. We are developing other graphic business Brexit communication tools, also for the non-UK market.

Why can't I view the maps on my mobile phone?
The maps are best viewed from a tablet or desktop computer. Other screen-sizes are too small to correctly display, and to do justice to, the map

I simply love maps ...
Check out Max's many other creations at Tube Map Central.

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